Feels Split liner

Feels Split liner

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Introducing our split liners that come in the same fun size 3g pot but now with twice the colour!!

The two colours can be used separately or mixed together to create a beautiful ombré effect. The possibilities are endless.

1.5g per colour.

•strong formula scent 

Cruelty free and Vegan🌱

How To Use:

  1. Open container and add a few drops of water on the lid of the container. Do not pour water directly into the pot.
  2. Wet your brush with the water placed on the lid. Only use water to activate. Do not add anything else as it may alter the formula of the product. 
  3. Begin activating the product with the wet brush by mixing it well until a thick smooth consistency (similar to melted ice cream) is achieved.
  4. Apply the product as desired and get creative. Always use carefully around the eye area. Not recommended for the waterline area as this product is water activated.
  5. Allow product to fully dry and your look is complete!
  6. Before closing and storing the product, allow it to fully air dry for a few hours.
Before use on eye area please perform a patch test on a smaller area on the skin to insure irritation does not occur.  If it does, discontinue use of the product immediately.